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TMJ and Snoring

Our Dentists in Lethbridge Fit Appliances for TMJ & Snoring

Do you find yourself clenching your teeth when you are tense or wake up with facial pain, sore jaw or headache? Sun Dental Group provides TMJ therapy for the temporomandibular joint with a dental appliance that reduces the stress on your lower jaw by allowing it to fall into joint socket correctly.

Does your snoring wake you or others nearby? Do sleep poorly or wake up tired without knowing why? You may have constricted airways when you sleep or sleep apnea, which our dentists in Lethbridge can help you with. Following a sleep apnea test from your doctor, we can create a custom appliance that provides nighttime relief with the result of healthier, more restful sleep.

Call us to schedule a consultation to discuss possible solutions to your problems with TMJ or snoring.